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Property Managers

A Solution to helping clients that are denied credit.

Create a pipeline of future home buyers. Opportunity to get tenants that are credit challenged into a restoration program that works.

Two Options

  1. Tenants that are borderline approved can benefit from our program
  2. Prospects that are denied property rental can increase their chances of future rental by enrolling in our program


Get your clients that are credit denied to the closing table.

Services that will definitely allow you the advantage of not loosing a buyer due to low credit scores.

Program offers a proven Credit Restoration Service.

Lease Purchases

50% higher chance of closing on Lease Purchases

Maintaining and Increasing Credit Scores is Often a Challenge

Services that will benefit the purchaser and educate them through a 501C3 – United Credit Education Services.

  • Credit Restoration
  • Budgeting Tools
  • Debt PayOff
  • Will and Trust

Additional Benefits

  • Secure MasterCard
  • Issued by Synovis Bank
  • No Credit Check
  • Credit My Rent – Report Rental History to Equifax and Transunion